GNSS Sensor Ltd provides IP cores and supporting development tools for on-chip integration of the embedded processors and proprietary satellite navigation engine.
We specialize in digital hardware design for commercial applications.

Sergey Khabarov

Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer


      Sergey Khabarov is the co-founder of the GNSS Sensor Ltd. Sergey has worked as the software engineer and architect in various ASIC and software development projects. He had being developing DSP algorithms in such company as Trimble and worked for Intel to provide new functionality of the virtual platform Simics.

Denis Nefedov

Co-Founder, Executive Director


      Denis Nefedov is one of co-founders of GNSS Sensor Ltd. Denis graduated from MSTU n.a. Bauman, worked as ASIC design engineer and team leader in different Russian and foreign companies. Now leads activity in DSP algorithms HW implementation, FPGA-based processing accelerators and Domain Specific Computing HW design at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

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