GNSS Sensor Ltd provides IP cores and supporting development tools for on-chip integration of the embedded processors and proprietary satellite navigation engine.
We specialize in digital hardware design for commercial applications.


      Here you can download opened documentation, pre-built applications and binary images:

  Name   Description   link
  gnss_performance.pdf   Brief GNSS IP characteristics description   download
  workshop1.pdf   3-rd RISC-V Workshop presentation   download
  gnu-toolchain-rv64ima.tar.gz   Ubuntu GNU GCC 5.1.0 toolchain RV64IMA (256 MB)   download   FPGA bit-files for Xilinx development boards   download   Debugger application for Windows XP/7/8 (32-bits)   download
  debugger_ubuntu.tar.gz   Debugger application for Ubuntu   download

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