GNSS Sensor Ltd provides IP cores and supporting development tools for on-chip integration of the embedded processors and proprietary satellite navigation engine.
We specialize in digital hardware design for commercial applications.

GTerm Data Analyzer

      We provide a comprehensive office software with all of the tools required to successfully receive and process navigation survey data. Focusing on the deep integration of our hardware products with the third-party software, GTerm Data Analyzer provides you convenient way of the real-time raw measurements analysis, different communication interfaces, plugins and more.

gterm mdi
Multi-documents mode

      This software is based on cross-platform technology provided by the QT 5.4 libraries so that we provide the same software functionality in various Operating System: Windows 32/64 bits, Ubuntu 64-bits and any other by request.

      We are developing our software as a set of plugins (widgets) connecting to our core application. Base installation package always includes following the most important plugins:

  • Input Serial console
  • Input File reader
  • Open Street map viewer
  • Brief satellites information viewer
  • Raw measurements viewer

      Additional powerful plugins, like: Open RTKLIB Widget and Google Earth Widget.

      The "Commands Explorer" window displays full list of supported commands of the detected receiver allowing to change the following settings of the receiver:

  • Change output update rate in Hz
  • Enable/disable profiler data output
  • Change dynamic characteristics of the channels (PLL bandwidth in range 1..30 Hz)
  • Receive debug information and decoded navigation data streams
  • and many other

tab mode
Serial console and raw data analyzer in the "tab" mode.

      Integration of the serial console and binary data parser allows to draw and analyze the raw measurements for all satellites and computed positions issued by the installed plugins. Common integration with the Python 2.7 allows to automate verification procedures and use the capabilities of this language for developing flexible scenarios of the GNSS data processing.

      Raw data analyzer supports all common data representation allowing evaluate measurements quality:

  • Phase [meters], Doppler frequency [m/sec], Range [msec], CNR [dB-Hz]
  • Code - Phase [meters]
  • Code residuals [meters]
  • Phase double difference in a case of using couple of the receivers
  • Other information, like total number of tracked satellites, time scales and so on.

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