GNSS Sensor Ltd provides IP cores and supporting development tools for on-chip integration of the embedded processors and proprietary satellite navigation engine.
We specialize in digital hardware design for commercial applications.

The easiest way to integrate the Satellite Navigation into your SoC

ASIC board

ASIC Evaluation board implementing our GNSS IP

Universal SPARC V8 board with the integrated GPS/GLONASS/SBAS/Galileo channels and independent Fast Search Engines for each Navigation System.

FPGA front-end

GPS/GLONASS/Galileo reference design on FPGA

Silicon Verified GNSS VHDL-library with the simplest integration into a different platforms. One of the first commercial IP integrated with opened hardware architecture RISC-V



Firmware and Embedded Positioning Service

Platform independent signal processing engine with the open API and update rate upto 1000 Hz.


Host Software

Cross-platfrom application for the interaction with the hardware, data analysis and integration with other services like: OpenStreetMaps, Open RTKLIB and more.


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